Weather Seals

Weather Seal Brushes

The use of strip brushes for Brush Seals has been proven as superior barriers. The bristles conform to surface irregularities of doors, walls and floors. A wide variety of bristle lengths, thickness' and mounting extrusions allow for any sealing application. Brush Seals far out perform vinyl or rubber strips.

Brush Weather Seal Benefits

Door Sweeps

Air Flow Control -

Highly effective physical barriers to control hot and cold air flow.
Non-Chemical Pest Control

Pest Control -

Non-chemical pest control to keep flying and crawling insects and small animals outside of your facility.
Dust Control

Dust Control -

Seal buildings, clean rooms, computer rooms, machinery, and filtration systems from dirt and dust particles.
Light Control

Light Control -

Effectively reduce or eliminate light transfer in sensitive areas such as dark rooms.
Block Noise and Sound

Sound Control

Barriers to control infiltration from fan rooms, test cells and machinery.
Nylon Brush Seals

Nylon Brush Seals -

Our type 6 nylon brush seals are UL. Rated as "Gasketing Material for Fire Doors".

Additional Weather Seal Information:

Weather Strip Brush Guides Go To Installation Guides

How to do it? Which size brush? All you need to know for the most common installations of regular doors, dock doors and dock levelers.

Weather Strip Brush Mounts Go To Mounting Examples

Shows how Brush Weather Seals can be mounted with different angled holders.

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