Stock Strip Brush Seals / Custom Brush Components

Brush Categories

Weather Seals

Weather Seal Brushes

Energy saving door and dock weather seals control air flow, dust and pests. These durable and highly efficient brushes block light and reduce sound. Detailed mounting examples and seal guides available.

In Stock Seal Catalogs

Strip Brush Catalogs

A full line of stock Weather Seal and Brush Guard metal strip brushes, with various extruded mounting holders, available for quick delivery.

Custom Brushes

Custom Design Brushes

Engineered specialty brushes including Staple Set, Metal Channel Strip and Twisted in Wire. Technical and design support for OEM's components or standard consumer products.

Brush Guard Seals

Brush Gaurds

Machine Guards - Chip Protection - Noise Control - Spray Suppression. Brush Guards are easy to install and proven useful in a multitude of applications. Stock strips and mounting extrusions are available.

Coils & Cylinders

Coil Brushes

Wound Coils, Straight and Spiral Cylinder brushes can be mounted on shafts and can be motor driven. Versatile for many applications, both standard sizes and custom configurations are available.

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