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Custom Staple Set Tufted Brushes

Staple Set Tufted Brushes

Tufted brushes are used by everyone; hair brushes, push brooms and vacuum cleaners just to name a few. They are used for horse grooming, ski wax cleaning and polishing shoes.

Staple set brushes can be made as wheels for polishing, cylinders that sweep or large flat beds used to gently hold metal sheets in punch presses. They also are perfect when an aggressive brush is needed for an industrial application or an OEM component.

Staple Set Brush Construction

Staple Set Brush Construction

Holes are partially drilled in wood or plastic blocks. Each hole if filled with a tuft of brush material. The tufts are secured at the bottom of each with a metal staple.

Density of the brush can be controlled by the placement of the holes and the hole diameter. The tuft stiffness can vary with the diameter of the strands of material, and the length or trim of the tufts.

Staple Set Brush Shapes

Staple Set Brush Shapes

With various blocks, staple tufted brushes can be made into different shapes and sizes.

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