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Dock Leveler Brush Seals Guide

Dock Leveler Seal Brushes

Brushes are proven to be the most effect way to seal Dock Levelers using the #3 size. Please take a few moments to review and take a few notes, this will assure proper ordering for installation.

Dock Leveler Brush Strip Guide

Dock Leveler Brush Seal Guide

Right angle (390) can be mounted on the wall or on the leveler. Some levelers have a steel "C" channel welded on the wall which retains an aluminum "T" holder with the brush. All styles are available and in stock.

Many installations can use an angle (340) mounted on the leveler, but sometimes right angle (390) can be used on the back wall. We also offer replacement spiral brushes and foam strips for the rear, and small brush rings for chain closeouts used on some models.

340 and 390 SIZES:
Overall widths; .82", 1.25", 1.75" and 2.75". Lengths 7' or 9'. More details at
Right Angle Catalog (390)
Angle Catalog (340)

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