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Dock Door Seal Brushes

REDUCE AND BLOCK: Heat, Air, Light, Dust, Noise, Gaps, Shavings, Chips, Sparks Below are both Sectional Overhead and Rolling Drum Dock Door Brush Weather Seal Guides. Angles and sizes vary with different doors, illustrated below are some of the most common installations.

Sectional Overhead Dock Door Weather Strip Brush Guide

Sectional Overhead Dock Door

#5 size brushes will work for most applications, #7 brushes should be used for heavy duty usage or sever conditions.

Outside angle mount (545) on the header (Optional inside straight mount (500) on the top of the door)

Outside angle mount (545) on the jam (Optional inside right angle (590) mount on the track)

Outside or inside, angle mount (545) on door.

Rolling Drum Dock Door Weather Strip Brush Guide

Rolling Drum Dock Door Weather Brush Strip

With recess door slats and large gaps on the sides and tops typical seen with rolling drum doors, we usually recommend #7 size brushes. #5 brushes can be used as an alternative.

Outside, straight mount (700) on the header.

Outside, angle mount (745) on the jam (optional inside reverse angle (730) mount on the track).

Outside or inside, if the door has angle iron use a 730R reverse angle mount otherwise (745).

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