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Brush Coils and Cylinders

Brush Coils and Cylinders

Versatile for many applications, uses for brush coils and cylinders include: Cleaning industrial conveyers - Wiping bakery belts - Washing golf balls - Applying paint - Sweeping roads - Washing fruits and vegetables - Peeling potatoes... just to name a few.

Machine Guards

Wound Coils

Coils are mounted on shafts and can be motor driven, or for cleaning conveyors the can just run passively allowing the belts to rotate the coils.

Brush coil cleaning a conveyer

Standard Coils

A line of standard coils, shafts and bearings are available. They include 3 1/2" and 4" diameters, up to 36" long, in soft, medium and stiff nylon fill material. Please us contact us for details.

Brush cylinders

Straight and Spiral Cylinders

Straight or spiral brush strips are mounted onto special designed mounting hubs with standard arbors. Cylinder brushes are very a cost effective alternative to full face coils. Various hubs are available holding from 6 to 16 strips. The brushes are very easy to replace and are available up to 122".

A line of standard nylon brush strips and mounting hubs are available, please contact us for details.

Coils mounted on cores

Coils on a Core

For larger outside diameters, coiled brushes can be mounted on a metal cores. The structural strength of a core also allows for longer brush lengths where a smaller diameter shaft would bend.

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